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Located in the centre of the historical region of Transylvania, Târgu Mureș is the hotbed of Art-Nouveau architecture. The city’s most famous building, the Culture Palace with its style, is a gorgeous combination of Viennese Secessionism and local folk art, emphasizing the distinctiveness of Hungarian culture. If you are visiting the city don’t miss the Square of Roses, the Citadel, the City and the Mirrors Hall, the Bolyai statue and the Zoo!


Explore the magical forest and salty lakes of Sovata

When someone says Sovata city, everyone thinks at Bear Lake. This lake with its heliothermic and salty water is unique in Europe. Located in the salt region of Transylvania, Sovata is beloved by the tourist. The numerous natural treasures as heliothermic salt lakes surrounded by century-old forests and flowery meadows with trickling streamlets, offers a fabulous and unforgettable sight.


Go back in time in the magical city of Sighișoara

In the heart of Romania, there is a small town with ancient churches, where the colorful buildings, cobbled streets and the walled town center tells about thousands of years of history. You can not miss the Clock Tower, The Torture and Weapon Museum and the Church on the Hill.

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