“Simén” manor and wine cellar of Călimănești

The year of construction for Simén Manor is unknown. During the incursions of Orbán Balázs one could still admire the largest buildings in Călimăneşti: the Henter Manor and Simén Manor (the Henter Manor was demolished in 1919). Petőfi and Jókai were also guests in the manor owned by Simén family. Petőfi dined here on 30th of July 1849 on his way to Cristuru Secuiesc. According to the legend, the passionate writer spent most part of his last days underneath the old mulberry tree in the courtyard of the manor. It is the refurbishment of the Simén Manor interior that is noted in the writings of Jókai Mór: “the walls covered from the ceiling to the floor with paintings and canvas in prestigious oils, just as the unique sculptures made of steel, with old machineries of rococo clocks, with specific gilt laid on the wavy-shaped mahogany and ivory tables, with pedestals made of coloured marble, in the hallway the favourite greyhounds which were some indispensable accessories for the existence of the gentlemen in Ardeal region, just as the mantle for the Spanish; the singing birds in large cages; moreover a truly interesting collection of unique pieces, antic relics, antic statues, unique weapons, clock mechanisms and numismatics, the coins being gathered from generation to generation by each family in Ardeal region. Among all these there lies a medieval book of prayers of great value, inside which ahead of each paragraph there can be seen copies of some engravings in steel belonging to some of the greatest artists … furthermore, the silver washbasin belonging to Barcsay Ákos … The back side of the high class house ends in a greenhouse that is full of tropical plants surrounded by orange and lemon trees whose branches are still blooming or they are full of golden fruit.” The visit of personalities Petőfi and Jókai was immortalized on the manor wall through a marble ply. Under the manor there is a wine cellar that can be visited. After the manor refurbishment and fitting-out, it shall operate as a boarding house and shall be visited by tourists.

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