Bolyai Farkas High School

From all the Art Nouveau style buildings in Târgu Mureș the Bolyai Farkas High School was the first Institute to adopt the “modern” architecture (completed in 1909). During that time the Reformed Collage was still functioning in the building (since 300 years ago). The Schola Particula reformed school had been established in Târgu Mureș in 1557, functioning in the old building of the Franciscan monastery in the fortress. After being sacked in 1601 and 1602, the Schola was moved into another building, on the place of the present high school. United with the Reformed College banished from Sárospatak and Carlsburg (Alba Iulia) at the beginning of the 18th century the school received the college (in our case high school) rank. The Counter-Reformation era, however, did not favor the institution, this is why it had to function in a rudimentary wooden building. The first major building has been built in 1760, and in the 1770s the auditorium and the library building was also added. The later was demolished in the early 20th century when the construction of the new Art Nouveau wing started. The Ödön Lechner-style Hungarian secessionist building was built after the plans of an architect from Budapest named Sándor Baumgarten. Baumgarten planned more than 300 school buildings. It is possible that this is the main reason why the main façade of the Bolyai High School is identical with the façade of a high school in Bratislava. Except, of course, the coat-of-arms of the Reformed College, representing two white angels on a blue background, placed back on the façade in 2007. Since 1804 Farkas Bolyai, the father of the great mathematician János Bolyai, was a teacher at the lyceum. During his teaching career he tried to modernize the education, opposing mechanical learning. After the nationalization and the abolition of the Reformed Collage, in 1957 the school was named after its former teacher.

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