Apollo Palace

The Apollo palace was the most representative building of the baroque Târgu Mureș. Built in eclectically style, the edifice is still outstanding on the western side of the Roses Square. The classicist, late-baroque style façade was rebuilt in the early 1920s, being transformed into a historicist style façade. It was built by Count Sámuel Teleki, to ensure the necessary funds for the maintenance of his library, the Teleki Library. The building of the Palace lasted for three years, being finished in 1807 when the count rented the Apollo Palace. The ground was rented for commercial activities: shops, pharmacies and pubs, whereas the first floor was a living quarter (had apartments for rent). The second floor was reserved for mundane events in the city. The ballroom with it’s high ceilings, known as “Szála”, filled the full length of the main façade. The guests could enjoy themselves in the additional places formed in the court wing. In addition to balls and dance nights, the palace gave place to several theatre plays: Mari Jászai, Lujza Blaha and Dériné Széppataki Róza performed here. Count Teleki’s heirs sold out the Apollo Palace to the town’s richest citizen, the brewer Albert Bürger. He changed the destination of the “Szála”, by splitting it into two separate floors of apartments for rent. With this, the façade was also remodeled becoming much more eclectic, losing its original, baroque character. The three closely grouped windows, above the main entrance, are topped by a triangular cornice. In front of these, there is a small terrace. The window frames are richly decorated. The previously smooth-bodied, simple Tuscany headpiece pilasters were replaced with grooves and a festoon Ionic headpiece. The mansard roof was completed with a pierced balustrade, separated in the middle with Ionic headpiece pilasters and windows closed with pediment.

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