The Medieval Fortress

German colonists (Saxons) were brought to Sighișoara in the 12th century by Géza II, King of Hungary and Croatia in order to defend the empire’s Eastern borders. The city was first mentioned in a document much later, in 1280 as Castrum Sex. In the 14th century, the Saxons had already regional autonomy. The early Saxon settlement was destroyed by a Tatar invasion in 1241. Because of the Ottoman invasions, in the 14th-15th century the town was fortified, wall and towers were raised to surround city and were subsequently consolidated. Sighișoara became one of the strongest fortresses of Transylvania. By the end of the 14th century Sighișoara became the center of the Schässburg Court which contained 16 villages. The town played an important strategic and commercial role for several centuries. Sighișoara became one of the most important towns of Transylvania: by the 17th century 15 guilds and 25 handicraft branches traded between the city walls. The Medieval Fortress, as it can be seen today, with its walls and the remaining 9 towers and 2 bastions was finalized in the 15th century.

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