The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is Sighișoara's main point of attraction, being the most massive of the defensive towers. Over the time, the Tower was used with different purposes: as an armory, prison, but it even housed public/administrational institutions. Its role was to protect the main gate of the citadel, to host the City Council meetings, and to keep the archives and treasures of Sighişoara. The building received at the beginning of the 17th century a clock, showing the exact time ever since. The clock was provided with lime wooden statues, made in a Baroque style and representing the pagan gods as personified weekdays: Diana, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Sun. The figures change every midnight. The Tower was built in the 14th century. After a fire in 1676 when the town's gunpowder deposits located in the Tailors' Tower exploded, the roof of the tower was rebuilt in its present baroque style and in 1894, colorful tiles were added. Because the tower was a public asset, the repairing work was financed by the public administrations, not by the guilds. Until 1556 the Tower served as the gathering place for the City Council. Visitors can also take a peek into the clock’s mechanism and climb to the top-floor observation platform for a view over the city, which is a breathtaking experience! Today, the Clock Tower works as the City History Museum.

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